For Diploma Course in Engineering and Technology:
1) 60% of the total seats through Joint Entrance Examination for polytechnics
2) 40% on the basis of the marks in Madhyamik Pariksha or Equivalent from candidates of the concern district. 50% of such seats are filled ut by Girls.

For Diploma Courses in Marine Engineering, Modern Office Pharmacy and Post Diploma Courses on the basis of marks of respective qualifying examinations.
Note : Application forms are available at different Polytechnics.

Schemes and Programmes Administered by the Department :-

Technical Education at Diploma and Post- Diploma level through Polytechnics.
Craftsmen Training through Industrial Institutes, Industrial Traning Centre
( Erst., JTS ) and other private affiliated Industries / Centres under National council for Vocational Training.
Non - formal vocational Training programme through Polytechnics NGO's, Schools,
Colleges, Municipalities etc.
Implementation of Apprentices Act'61 and National Apprenticeship Training scheme.
Part-time Evening classes for Industrial workers.


Polytechnics 42
Industrial Training Institutes 29
Junior Polytechnics 01
Industrial Training Centres (JTS) 20
Short Term Vocational Training Centres 82
Community Polytechnics and Extension Centres 36
Private affiliated Institutes / Centres affiliated by NCVT 102