Rules and Regulations


Rules and Regulations

1.Bonafide students of the Institute are allowed to use the Library by filling their respective membership forms with a recent stamp size photograph. In special circumstances, the library may be used by others with permission from the Principal.
2. The Library have two sections :
i) Lending Section and
ii) Reading Room Section.
3. Rules for Lending Section :
a) Borrower's Cards entitling borrowing of books will be issued to every student. Book may be borrowed on production of this cards to the in-charge at the counter.
b) Each student is entitted to borrow only oneto borrow only one book agaimst one card.
c) The student must return the book within 21 days from the date of issue, failing which, a fine of Re 0.50 per day will be charged.
d) A book may however be reissue for another term of 7 days if the same is not in demand from other readers.
e) Books lent out are liable to be recalled, if required, before the expiry of the due date.
f) Borrowers should carefully examine the books issued to them before leaving the counter. They should immediately bring to the notice of the librarian or to the in-charge at the counter any damage mutilation of the book issued, as the last borrower to whom a book was issued will be held responsible for any such damage or mutilation etc.
g) Any book lost or damaged, or mutilated must be replaced by the borrower responsible for it. If the book belongs to a set or series, and the volume cannot be obtained singly, the whole set or series must be replaced by the borrower concerned.
h) In case of damage , mutilation or loss of books, until damage etc. are made good by payment of fine or replacement as will be determined by the Principal the use of the library will remain suspended to the borrower concerned.
i) Book which are costly and rare, of form a part of reference collection and current no. of periodicals shall not be removed from the library.

4. Rules for "Reading - Room Section":
a) Students of the Institute may have books and periodicals issued to them for use in the Reading Room.
b) Books etc. must not be taken outside the Reading Room and must be returned before the Reading Room closed.
c) A reader desiring to use a book for move then one day, may get it reserved for him / her on making a request to that effect to the in-charge at the Counter, but no book shall be reserved for more than three days.
5. Students missbehaving in any way or disturbing other readers by conversation or otherwise, shall not be allowed to remain in the Library.
6. In cases of complexity or controversy, the decision of the Principal shall be final and binding to all concerned.
7. To ensure effecting receiving and returning process, students should submit their respective requisition slip within 2-00 p.m. and their demanded books must be received from the library counter on that requived day or the next day within 4-30 p.m., failing which the requisitions will be cancelled. The books are issued as per the following week days :


1st year Civil, Elect, Mech. Wednesday and Saturday

2nd year Civil, Elect, Mech. Monday,Wednesday,Thursday

3rd year Civil, Elect, Mech. Tuesday,Wednesday,Friday.

8. No reference book will be issued to students unless specially permitted by the Principal.
9. During Examination hours as well as at the time of scrutinizing of books issue and return of library books will remain stopped.
10. A staff member may retain a maximum no. of 15 books at a time throughout one academic year. For emergency purpose one or two additional books may be issued under special permission for a period of maximum two weeks.
11. A staff member must submit all the books at the end of a session and may renew the books for the next academic session if required.